a cultural travel experience for a forward-thinking tourism

Genuine cultural, lifestyle and humanitarian projects on the African continent – especially projects like Africa Amini Alama that contribute to cultural preservation by supporting health, education, gender equality and social developments as well as craftsmanship and creative thinking – are the engine of sustainable economic growth and innovation in African nations.

With your help, Africa Amini Alama will continue to be a warrant of open-mindedness, sustainability and growth, and therefore a stable communication platform for the promotion of Tanzania and its culture.

Under proper governance and encouraging environment, Africa Amini Alama can make a pivotal contribution, not only to the cultural and socio-economic development of Tanzania, but also to Tanzania's image in the world. This is why Africa Amini Alama created AFRICA AMINI LIFE: to invite you to experience Tanzania's heritage and cultural diversity, by discovering the lifestyle of the Maasai tribe of Tanzania with respect for their culture and communities. Join us now and help us to make a difference.